4 things we should know before play in Airline Commander

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  • July 10, 2019

    Most of us are a fan of many kinds of simulator games, and Airline Commander is one of the best games. It comes with various airlines, and the gameplay is revolving around the air services. In which you will see many challenging tasks, and you will learn several kinds of skills by such types of simulators. The game is free for all, and you can download it by the android store. For stunning playing experience, we can pay some real money for it.

    The players will play the role of the caption of the flights, so for it, he must of ready to beat many tasks. Such tasks are good for earning much money, and the game currency is vital for upgrading the performance and look of airlines. Before going to play in Airline Commander, we should glance at some significant things.

    Create your airline

    The game gives us the chance to create an airline and run your services perfectly. The objective of it is obtaining currency.  In the beginning, such an airline is free to create, and we can add many new things. You can paint it as you like.

    Fly with major routes

    Various routes are present in the game, and the players can unlock many new routes. In which you need to complete different tasks. The players have to manage several things to make a profit in the game, and along with play, we will learn the functioning of airlines.

    Air traffic for challenges

    Real-time traffic is amazing, and it gives us a realistic flight experience. The players will face many challenging situations and to overcome them, we must go with some skills. Lots of handy tools are present in the game but it is not free, and for garbing them you need to spend some money.

    Advanced navigations

    Smooth navigation is the first preference for each player, and the game is the full display of airline cabin. In the starting, you have to learn how to fly. It does not take much time, and you will be the master of in it to conquer the routes.

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